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Is The Cloud Really Safe?
Storing more data than ever and with privacy becoming a serious issue I have researched how safe the Cloud actually is.
October 7, 2019 | Sponsored by The PhotoStick Mobile
The advent of technology...
... paved way for big data. As usual, tools were made to catch up with the ever-growing technology. And one of such tools for storing data is the cloud.
About the Cloud
Basically, cloud refers to ‘online.’ 

Whatever you store online is said to be in the cloud.

While this is an amazing way out of the old-fashioned way of storing data in our hard drives, PC and the likes, it is one of the major targets of cybercriminals. Which brings us to a million-dollar question - is the cloud really safe?

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The Risks Of Losing Data
Yes, the old-fashioned means of storing data exposes us to the risk of losing our data through fire outbreak, physical damages, flood, etc. Without a backup, you may lose all your data for good. 

But is cloud storage really the holy grail? Let me help you here – NO!

Many may argue that securing our data on the cloud provides some advantages over physical storage such as;
    • Fast and easy access to your data anywhere across the globe.
    • Lower IT cost as cloud computing does most of the job.
    • Increased customer services for business
    • And it provides a safe means to recover our data should we lose it to power outage or any natural disaster.
But have you considered the security issues in the cloud?
Clouding computing comes with its share of disadvantages. While securing your data on the cloud may seem like the viable option, take a moment to consider security in the cloud. How secure is the cloud? Is it really safe? What risks does it pose?

Here are a few security concerns that pop up when it comes to securing your data solely on the cloud. 
  • Data Breach
Data breach is one of the banes of storing your data solely on the cloud. The advent of big data has made cyber attacks the top of every company’s problem list. Businesses – both large and medium – pump tons of dollars every year into the fight against cyber attacks. Unfortunately, these criminals get smarter as technology gets more sophisticated, leaving us at the mercy of cybercriminals to launch an attack at will.
  • Hijacking of Account
This is no news in our world today. Accounts on the cloud are being hijacked from time to time, leaving your data in the hands of a stranger. There are several ways cloud accounts can be hijacked. Some of them include password hacking, phishing, software vulnerabilities, etc. Upon gaining control of your account, the cybercriminal can do as he sees fit with your data on the cloud.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack

DoS attack is yet another risk that the cloud exposes its users to. This form of attack is usually difficult to trace. You can hardly tell the difference between the enemy’s traffic and the legit traffic. Your servers or computer starts responding slowly and you are charged to pay for the time spent still. It is very annoying. Yet, you have no control over it. You just sit down and watch and, of course, pay for the time spent.

Securing your data on the cloud is not as safe as we like to think it is. It exposes you to lots of troubles that many often opt out for the sake of their peace and safety of data.

This is not to say that the cloud doesn’t provide us with some benefits. But, I would advise that the security on the cloud should be given as much attention as security in the cloud. A backup can do no harm. Do not rely solely on the cloud. 

Rather, backup your data on physical storage. It doesn’t have to be large. It could be as small as a memory card, flash drive, hard disk, magnetic tapes, etc. 

Be sure to keep them in a safe location that you can easily access should a cloud disaster occur. This way, you can rest assured that your data and intellectual properties are actually safe.

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