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iPhone XS - An Early Adopter's Review
October 21st, 2019
I am a massive Apple fan, I have to admit it.Β 

I haven't missed a device or OS upgrade in years, and this year is no exception. I've got the new iPhone XS as soon as it came out and replaced my perfectly good iPhone X.Β 

Now that I've had the new toy for a few weeks, I can share with you my assessment of Apple's latest top-of-the-range phone.
Peter Score: 😎😎😎😎😎
  • ​Processor: Apple A12 Bionic
  • RAM: 4GB of RAM
  • Storage: 64, 256 or 512GB
  • ​Screen: 5.8in Super Retina HD (OLED) (458ppi)
  • ​Operating system: iOS 12
  • ​Camera: Dual 12MP rear cameras with OIS, 7MP front-facing camera
  • ​Connectivity: LTE, Wi-Fiac, NFC, Bluetooth 5, Lightning and GPS
  • ​Dimensions: 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm
  • ​Weight: 177g
The XS In General
Peter Score: 😎😎😎😎
You are probably wondering if the XS, not being the only all-screen device on the block, is still the iPhone to buy. After all, with a hefty price tag of $999 minimum, we're talking about a serious amount of money to spend on a phone.Β 

The latest iPhone looks exactly the same as the iPhone X to say the least, so if your priority is design, don't bother. Maintaining the same look is not necessarily a bad thing. The iPhone X was groundbreaking in many ways: a large, beautiful screen, no home button, and a luxurious feel to the touch.

The 5.8in OLED screen is a true marvel, it makes gaming, watching videos or looking back at your pics a wonderful experience The speakers underwent some upgrade too, and are now louder.

In terms of how it handles, the XS is slightly heavier than the phone it replaces (3g), and 9g heavier than its main competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S9. It is, however, very thin, at 7.7mm, which makes it easy to pocket and use with one hand.Β 
The Camera
Peter Score: 😎😎😎😎😎

The normal iPhone XS and its big brother XS Max share the same cameras – two 12-megapixel cameras on the back, one with a wide-angle lens and the other a 2x telephoto lens, a combo that improves both portrait and wide-angle pic quality.

The most outstanding improvement this year is the 'Smart HDR' feature, which helps when taking high-contrast pictures, like those shot into the sun. The new cameras also provide higher definition and better performance when light conditions aren't great.Β 

Video performance is also top-notch, which was already the case with the iPhone X. The XS shoots in impressive 4K, with great stabilisation and crisp details. The sound gets recorded in stereo, which is a bonus.Β 

The front camera is good but probably not the best in the market, and the already much talked about 'smoothing' of the skin is definitely noticeable.Β 
Peter Score: 😎😎😎

While this iPhone definitely sets a new benchmarck, there are a few annoying things about it that is worth pointing outΒ 

  • Battery lifeΒ got worse if we compare it with the iPhone X. Sure, the new A12 processor makes a huge difference in performance, but on a heavy usage day the phone barely makes it to bedtime. A full day (as in 24h) charge should be the bare minimum these days, and some direct competitors beat even that.
  • Overheating seems to be happening quite a lot both when the phone is being charged wirelessly and when it starts bouncing between 4g, 3g and Edge, something that happens regularly in busy places like commuter trains.Β 
  • Price. Ok, this is nothing new, but it's worth mentioning.Β  The starting price for the 64GB version is $999, while the 256GB and 512GB go respectively for $1,149 and $1,349. If you're into the xtra large version, the iPhone XS Max starts at $1,099.Β 
Peter Score: 😎😎😎😎😎
All in all the iPhone XS is a great smartphone: great screen, great pictures, great quality and absolutely amazing design.Β 

I know I'm biased, but I still think the XS is the best phone out there right now, if you don't mind the eye-watering price tag and the fact than next year a new iPhone will surclass itΒ πŸ˜†
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