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Amazon Echo VS Google Home: Who's The Winner? 
By Ed | August 28th, 2020
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I got both of them, just because I couldn't really make my mind up on which one I wanted, so here goes a honest review of how the two main players in the home assistant space compare to each other. 

Both are equally as good at playing music, however the Echo is superior to Google when it comes to controlling smart-home devices. It must be because Alexa has been around for longer. 

Truth be told, the best assistant for you really depends on your needs and what other services you are already subscribed to, as well as what other devices you already own.  

Amazon Echo
Ed Score: 😎😎😎😎😎
If you're into smart homes and controlling a bunch of devices remotely, Alexa is the platform for you. 

I have a second generation Amazon Echo, and I like it a lot. The sound quality is slightly better that Google Home, and the host of built-in Alexa capabilities allows you to easily control a number of smart-home devices. 

On top of that, Amazon "taught" Alexa over 15000 "Skills", and the list keeps growing. A Skill is something comparable to an app on a smartphone: it allows the device to perform specific tasks, like ordering a cab, telling you how to make grandma's stew or getting you a pizza. Of course, not all Skills are useful or great to use, but the good thing is that they keep growing and they get updated constantly. 

There's a bunch of Alexa-enabled devices you can choose from besides the standard Echo: the Echo Dot is a smaller device, cheaper, and connectable to your own speaker system. The Echo Plus has a built-in Zigbee smart home hub. The Eco Tap is portable, while the Eco Show is video-enabled. Echo Spot (smaller) and Echo Look (prettier) conclude the list. Prices range from $40 for the Dot to $229 for the Show. 

Google Home
Ed Score: 😎😎😎😎
The Google Home assistant is not too bad overall, and it's definitely the right choice if you are heavily Google-dependent. 

Thanks to their expertise in voice control, the guys at Google managed to teach their assistant to recognize different Google account owners by the sound of their voice. If both you and your girlfriend use Google Calendar for example, the Home will be able to read your respective meetings in your personal accounts. Other Googleries such as Maps and Keep are connected too of course. 

If you're into smart-home control however, the Home isn't quite as good as Alexa. It doesn have some integrated capabilites, as well as some actions comparable to Alexa's Skills, but not as many - although it's catching up. 

Chromecast users are going to love the Home. It can control Chromecast Audio multiroom systems, meaning you can ask it to stream music to speakers placed in different rooms symultaneously. 

When it comes to day-to-day use, I don't find the Home as smart as Alexa. Even adding an event to your own calendar is kind of needlessly laborious, and the lack of Skills makes simple tasks harder. 

In terms of other device choices, a Google Home Mini, a higher-end Google Home Max with an integrated speaker system, and a Google Home Hub (with video) are available. 

So, which assistant is right for you? 
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